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National Treasure: Book of Secrets (DVD) Review

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National Treasure Book of Secrets is an action film that is well worth the wait, despite its flaws. It is entertaining in the Nic Cage-grabbing-a-quick-buck kind of way, and children will likely forgive the film's faults.

National Treasure is back after a fifteen-year gap with a sequel. Book of Secrets is the sequel to 2004's film. Nicolas Cage stars as Benjamin Franklin Gates - a treasure hunter. His family guards a secret that has been protected for centuries. It is believed the Founding Fathers concealed the secret. Ben's father isn't convinced, nor is his mother. They want to prove his great-great-grandfather, Thomas Gates, was not a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Ben's plans to clear his name might backfire.

This story is about Freemasonry and connections between ancient secret societies of the past and US history. Gates's great-great-grandfather is suspected of being a conspirator in the assassination, but he has no proof. Ben turns to a researcher, Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris), to help him find proof. Wilkinson believes Gates, but he has his doubts.

Book of Secrets has a complicated plot. There are many clues. Some of them are hidden in cherished artifacts. Some are kept secret in secret societies. The story is complex and requires that viewers suspend disbelief. You might even find some far-fetched possibilities.

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Book of Secrets also has a lot of hijinks. One Black man takes on a small part. However, the majority of the cast is made up white dudes. The film has not one Native American actor.

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Producers often pressure directors to cut scenes from their films. Directors may threaten to quit projects that don’t align with their vision.

This is why Hollywood keeps a blacklist. If you are negative about your employer, you'll most likely go unemployed. It's not good for anyone.

Many people have been wrongly accused. And they've had to fight to clear their name.

We need to stop this kind of thing before it starts happening again. It is essential that everyone has the freedom to express their opinions.

Also, we must take down the Hollywood blacklist.

What are the darkest secrets of Hollywood?

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Numerous unions or guilds also represent producers, writers, actors, etc. Most major movie studios and television networks are owned by large corporations which own these various organizations.

It doesn't really matter how secretive an organization may appear, there is always someone who knows exactly what they do. But that doesn't mean we should fear them.

Instead, embrace them. Because they help us make better choices.

These experts tell us which movies are most likely to succeed, which songs will be in demand, and what books will sell the best.

They help us make decisions about what we will buy, watch, listen to, or read.

We can trust them so we can ignore their advice when it doesn't suit our taste.

We choose to ignore them and they become even more powerful. They are the ultimate arbiters and judges of taste.

If you don't like their words, you can choose to ignore them.

Now let's take a look at some lesser-known yet very real Hollywood secret society.

And see why they're so important.


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American history secret societies and clubs

Many reasons make American History's secret societies and clubs fascinating. The mystery surrounding them is one reason. Another reason is because of their effect on our society.

Secret societies and clubs have been used throughout America's history to promote ideas that would otherwise be considered taboo. Anti-Semitism, racism, and other ideas are just a few of the many examples. These groups also promoted political ideologies such communism, socialism, and other socialist ideas.

The Ku Klux Klan is the most prominent American organization. This group was formed in 1865 after the Civil War ended. It was created to protect white men against African Americans.

Other organizations that were created in this period include the Knights Templar (Freemasons), and Odd Fellows. These groups all shared similar goals and beliefs.

Another interesting aspect of secret societies is that they often had memberships restricted to males only. These groups also had women members. These women included Emma Goldman (Margaret Sanger) and Susan B Anthony.

Not only the above mentioned groups, but also other secret societies didn't share the same ideals. The Order of Skull & Bones for instance was founded in 1832. Their goal was to create an elite class within the United States.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (DVD) Review