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The Explorers Club of New York

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The Explorers Club is an international professional organization that encourages scientific exploration. It was established in 1904 by seven polar explorers. In November 1921, the club published the first edition of the Explorers Journal, which continues to be a quarterly publication today.

The Explorers Club includes some of today's most influential and prominent explorers. Buzz Aldrin is among them. Members can also contribute to Explorers Journal which features first-hand reporting from those who push the boundaries of knowledge as well as human endurance.

The club's headquarters are located in a historic Jacobean revival mansion on East 70th Street in Manhattan. Stephen Clark, heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune lived in this building.

Today, there are over 3,000 Explorers Club members. There is no formal membership process, but members can apply to join by submitting a mini-thesis on their intended expedition. If a current member recommends you, you can be accepted into the club.

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The Explorers Club was founded by New York City's George Washington in 1904. Experiencing the thrill of exploring the world's unknown places has inspired thousands of adventurers and scientists, including astronauts. The club, which has 26 chapters throughout the US, focuses on scientific exploration and awards grants for field research.

You'll find a huge collection of artifacts, historical treasures, and other interesting items at the Explorers Club. Some of these objects include New Guinean native totems, as well as an original sledge used by Peary & Henson on their 1909 expedition towards the North Pole. The museum's staircase is home to a stuffed polar bear. A bell from Greely's ship, which saved Greely and his team from the Arctic Ocean in 1884, is another highlight.

Information on upcoming tours, events and other information is also available on the club's website. You can take a tour of the city or learn more about the history of the club's flag.

An annual dinner party offers a wide range of international dishes. You can also attend a $25 public lecture. This is a fun and unique way for you to learn the history of Explorers Club as well as hear from its member.

The Explorers Club is a small organization that has established a reputation. Its members have visited the Arctic, Amazon and the depths below the sea, among other destinations. They were also awarded with various field science grants, and they are honored at The Explorers Club's Presidents Award for Exploration.

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Many firsts were achieved over the club’s century-long heritage. A Explorers Club flag has been flown to the moon, the deepest place on earth and the highest in the world, by the Explorers Club.

The club is well-known for its annual dinner party. It is an extravagant affair. Guests can indulge in exotic foods like mammoth meat and strawberries topped with insects. The club's library is open to the public. Visitors can also learn more about the fascinating lives of Explorers.

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Have you ever wondered what amount of trash is generated each day worldwide?

The United Nations estimates that the average person generates more than 2.5 pounds of waste each day. This adds up to over 25 million pounds of garbage annually!

Most of the trash ends up at incinerators and landfills. But, what happens to those dumpsters? The majority of this rubbish is sent out of the country. The rest is dumped abroad, where it pollutes other ecosystems. Now, we know the exact location of all this garbage. Mike Sexton is his real name. He is the owner of Waste Watchers. His job involves monitoring the movements and routes of trash trucks across North America. Then he reports back to us about what happens next.

Sexton says he finds his job very satisfying. "We've got a lot of fun," he told CNN. "We see big rigs coming through town and we'll follow them. "Sexton started following truck driver almost 20 years back.

He stated, "I just fell in Love with It."

His favorite story involved a driver who pulled off at an abandoned gas station near Los Angeles. Sexton described, "The guy was looking somewhere to put his load." "He drove down the street and saw this building. He backed up and entered the building. "There were 2 large containers that had been rolled off, and they were full of stuff. He took out everything and began to fill up the truck. "Then he took out everything and began to fill up the truck. There were lots of old tires, rags furniture, mattresses, mattresses, cans, cans, and other items. "It was just an absolute mess. But it had been cleared out before he arrived. There wasn't any trash anywhere."

This is the reason why it happened. It's because this area used to be a recycle center. People would drive from all over the country to recycle their trash. "They'd bring their household items and take them to this building," Sexton explained.And after they finished, they would leave the empty containers behind.

This can happen hundreds of times a week. It could happen hundreds of thousands of times a week. The truck eventually stops running because it has become so jammed with junk. The owner finally decides to stop using the truck.

Trash isn’t the only problem we face on the planet.

Many of these tiny plastic pieces end up in landfills and incinerators. Some are washed into rivers and oceans. Others end up with fish in their stomachs.

Experts say if nothing changes, we could soon face a global food shortage. Experts warn that if we continue to go the same way, we won't make it. However, scientists and most people aren't worried.

What is the most surprising fact about your body?

Two eyes, two ears and two nostrils are part of our bodies. We also have four limbs: a mouth, nose, penis, and four limbs. That's right, we have more than 50 parts of our bodies, but one thing is missing. A heart.

The heart is a pump which circulates blood throughout the body. The blood flows through the veins and arteries to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

The heart pumps about 5 liters blood per minute. This amount is equivalent to an adult drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily.

Blood flows throughout the heart 24 hours per day, 365 Days a Year. Your heart beats nearly 100 times a minute while sleeping.

Because of the color and texture of their skin, you can tell if someone is healthy or sick. The capillaries are tiny blood vessels that can be seen on the skin's surface. These vessels carry blood back to the heart from the large blood vessels beneath the skin. If blood flow is blocked, skin can turn blue or purple.

People suffering from sickle cell disease have no red blood cells. They become very sick when their blood becomes hardened and sticky.

You can use a bandage to stop bleeding if your cut is severe. For wounds to heal properly, blood must flow. Doctors insert a needle into the injured area through the skin. This allows blood flow to the area that has been injured.

The doctor may also insert catheters (catheters), into the artery at the site of the blood clot. This helps to keep the patient alive until the blood clot disintegrates naturally.

Five interesting facts about your liver.

The liver is responsible to detoxify toxins and store vitamins and minerals. It regulates blood pressure and maintains a stable body temperature.

Are you familiar with the expressions, "I feel sluggish today", or "my head feels heavy"? These symptoms may indicate problems with the liver.

Common signs include yellowing skin, dark urine, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, stomach cramps (yellow coloration), itching, and jaundice (yellow colouration). These aren't all warning signs. If you experience any of them, make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

The liver, an essential organ, is vital. It is essential for detoxification and metabolism as well as reproduction.

  1. The average adult liver weights about 1,400g.
  2. The liver of a baby is roughly half the size that of an adult at birth. It grows to be about four times bigger by age three than an infant's.
  3. The liver is located just below the rib cage on the left side of the abdomen.
  4. There are 16 main lobes in the liver, but many smaller lobules are inside the lobes.
  5. The liver contains about 10 million individual red blood cells.

What dark secrets can Hollywood keep from you?

Hollywood is filled with secret societies. Many secret societies are cult-like and follow rigid rules. Others are just clubs for people with common interests.

However, there are many other criminal organizations that hold much of the industry's power. These include companies like the MPAA ("Motion Picture Association of America"), which determines film ratings. The RIAA ("Recording Industry Association of America") sets music licensing fees.

Numerous unions and guilds also represent actors, directors, writers, producers, etc. The majority of major television networks and movie studios are owned by large corporations.

The point is that no matter how secretive any group may seem, someone somewhere knows exactly what they do. We shouldn't fear these people.

Instead, we should embrace these facts. Because they can help us make better decisions.

These experts tell us which movies are most likely to succeed, which songs will be in demand, and what books will sell the best.

They are, in short, what help us choose what we will watch, read and listen too.

We can trust them so we can ignore their advice when it doesn't suit our taste.

We choose to ignore them and they become even more powerful. They become the ultimate arbiters for taste.

And if you don't like what they say, you're free to ignore them.

So now let's look at some of the lesser-known but still very real Hollywood secret societies.

And you'll understand why they're so crucial.


  • "It is estimated that 75% of people have at least mild gum disease, with the most common symptoms being bleeding when brushing, bad breath, and dark and swollen gums," Dr. Ron Baise, a London-based dentist, tells Romper. (romper.com)
  • In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you make 15 to 30 gallons of tears each year, which is insane when you think about it. (romper.com)
  • A 2012 paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that people blink about 15 to 20 times each minute, meaning, if you do the math, you spend about 10% of the time that you're awake blinking. (romper.com)
  • In fact, nearly 24% of U.S. women are affected with one or more pelvic floor disorders, according to research funded by the National Institutes of Health. (romper.com)
  • You spend about 10% of your time awake blinking (romper.com)

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What's the scariest movie ever made?

If you ask 10 different people which movies they consider scary, you'll probably get 10 different answers.

Some people love horror films. Others enjoy sci-fi flicks. Then again, there are some who enjoy comedies.

No matter what your preference, all people have seen scary movies.

These are ten of most terrifying scary movies ever made, including the classic Halloween and the modern Paranormal Activity.

  1. "Cabin Fever" - "Cabin Fever" is considered one of the scariest zombie movies made. It portrays a virus that can cause humans to turn into zombies.
  2. "Thir13en Ghosts” - Based on the true tale of Jack the Ripper the "Thirteen Ghosts", features a group teenaged victims of ghost possession.
  3. "Pulse" is a thriller about a man who finds himself trapped in his apartment during violent crime sprees. He must use only the items from his house to fight off his attackers.
  4. "The Descent", one of the earliest found footage horror films, "The Descent", follows a group exploring underground for an adventure. But things quickly go horribly sour once they arrive.
  5. "Get Out"- Jordan Peele was famous for creating one the most terrifying horror movies ever created in 2017. "Get Out" shows a young, black photographer visiting his white family for the holidays. He discovers dark secrets when he arrives.
  6. "Paranormal Activity", 2007 - "Paranormal Activity," was one of the first found footage movies. The movie featured a new spin on ghost stories, starring Katie Featherston.
  7. "Audition" - In Japan, "audition" means to stand before an audience and be judged. Kiyoko is high school student and waits to learn if she will become a popstar.
  8. James Wan's "Saw Series" - After many years of low-budget horror films, he grew tired of trying to shock the public. He decided to break from horror films and create Jigsaw.
  9. "Tales From the Crypt" - With each passing year, "Tales From the Crypt" becomes more and more horrifying. Hollywood has made numerous sequels featuring the crypt keeper terrorizing various US cities over the years.
  10. "Carrie" (1976) "Carrie” introduced viewers the power of telekinesis. Carrie White can move objects just by thinking about them.

The Explorers Club of New York