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Celebrity Trivia- Find out More About Celebrities. Questions and Answers

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There are many ways you can learn more about your favourite celebrities or improve your knowledge. You can play trivia about celebrities. To earn points, answer questions about the celebrity's achievements. You can also look up hints to provide facts about the celebrity.

You might be interested in learning more about the famous actress that had an affair with a professional NBA player in the mid-1990s. Find out more about the famous rapper who was charged in 1998 with lewd acts and was later released from prison.

You could also find out more about the singer who released "Blank Space" as a single on her album. You can also find out more about the famous actor that tried to be London's mayor. There is even a quiz for British celebrities.

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Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher had famous daughters, including actresses like Carrie Fisher. Others are natural redheads. You might also be interested to find out about the actress who portrayed a particular character in a soap. You can also find out about the actor in a band, the musician who played for Marilyn Manson or the comedian who was part the children's series "Blind Date".

Another trivia question about celebrities is whether the singer actually has a name. Another way to learn is about the famous actress who has a godmother. The famous actor George Washington is a distant relative. There's also a quiz that will help you remember the name of the famous actor who played Dr. Who.

Shaquille O’Neal, a well-known basketball player, and Michael Jordan (a former actor and basketball player) are two examples of famous athletes. Another trivia question you can ask about celebrity trivia is whether the famous actress who had an affair Freddie Mercury was actually married.

Another trivia question to ask celebrity trivia about is whether the actor who played the character in the "Blind Date" children's series has a real surname. You might also be interested to learn about the actor who played a role on a soap-opera. You can also find out about the famous actor of "A League of Their Own," who gained lbs.

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Another trivia question you can ask celebrity trivia is the name and marital status of the professional basketball player. Learn more about the actress and her famous godmother. This question may also ask whether the actress has a natural redhead.

Another trivia question about celebrities to ask is the name of an actor who played a role on a children’s television show. It is also possible to find out the name of an actor who played a particular role on television. This question can also serve as part of an interview.

Many of the most popular trivia questions about celebrities are those that are related to famous people or their achievements. Another quiz is dedicated to world leaders.

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Is there a Hollywood blacklist.

There is an Hollywood blacklist.

The list isn’t available for public viewing. As far as we know, the names aren't even known. But, here's why it matters.

The secret is because the directors and actors on blacklist wouldn't have any job opportunities. This would result in studios losing money as the actors and directors would have to go out on their own. It would mean they would reduce their expenditure on movies. This would result in fewer opportunities available for blacklisted filmmakers. They would then go bankrupt.

This could eventually lead to more victims.

In other words, if someone is trying to make an Oscar winning movie, they might have to sign a contract that says they won't speak openly against their employers. Producers and directors who want to be nominated are subject to the same restrictions.

This is why you'll hear about directors being pressured by producers to take scenes out of their films. Or how directors threaten to walk away from projects that don't fit their vision.

This is why there is a Hollywood blacklist. If you make negative comments about your employer, it's likely that you will be unemployed. And that's not good for anyone.

Problem is, many people have been falsely charged. It's been a struggle to get their names cleared.

This is unacceptable behavior and must be stopped. We need to ensure everyone has the right of expression.

Also, we must take down the Hollywood blacklist.

Why do actors end up on the blacklist?

When you're an actor, there's more rejection than when you're a writer. Actors are likely to be rejected often. You will find someone who loves and accepts you eventually.

Actors can often make a living from acting because they are very talented. However, most actors aren't interested in making money. Actors love to act and tell stories. It's likely that you will be acting if your passion is acting.

Even worse, you might be told you are too young or too old to play the part. You might also lose your audition for a film role. It happens all the time.

After you've been cast, there may be criticism. You may be told that your makeup is too heavy or you are not worthy of wearing it. If you're lucky, you won't even hear negative comments.

Sometimes your character isn't real or authentic and you will be criticised. Maybe you play a gay man, and everyone thinks you're straight. Perhaps you play a woman that is supposed to be strong but who cries a lot.

Sometimes they might ask you to change how you speak. Sometimes, they want you to sound more like a man or a woman. They usually want you sound better.

Negative criticisms are best ignored. Actors sometimes feel like failures when they hear they were wrong. The truth is they haven’t done anything wrong.

They didn't have the talent to make them famous. They don't always fit the bill, no matter how hard they try.

There are many reasons an actor might be blacklisted. Some people don't like actors. Others think actors can be lazy. Others believe actors cheat.

Whatever the reason, it's important to realize that you will not get blacklisted if you keep trying. There are plenty of jobs available and you'll find them.

You'll succeed as long as you keep trying.

Five interesting facts about your liver.

The liver is responsible in breaking down toxins, storing vitamins and mineral, and for regulating blood pressure. It also helps regulate blood pressure and keeps our body temperature stable.

We hear it all the time: "I feel sluggish today" or "my head feels heavy". These symptoms may indicate problems with the liver.

Other symptoms include itching, yellowing of the skin, heavy urine, yellowing of the skin, fatigue and nausea. These aren’t the only warning signs. If you feel any of these warning signs, consult your doctor immediately.

The liver is an important organ. It is responsible for detoxification as well digestion, metabolism and immunity.

  1. The average adult liver weighs 1,400g.
  2. The liver of a baby is roughly half the size that of an adult at birth. It grows to be about four times bigger by age three than an infant's.
  3. The liver is located on the left side, just below your rib cage.
  4. The liver has 16 main lobes, with many smaller lobules within the lobes.
  5. There are approximately 10,000,000 red blood cells in the liver.

What is the most surprising fact about your body?

Two eyes, two ears, 2 nostrils, 4 limbs, 1 nose, 1 penis and one mouth are all there. We have over 50 parts of our bodies. However, one thing is missing. The heart.

A heart is a pump, which circulates blood throughout our bodies. The blood travels through the veins and arteries, transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells. It also removes carbon dioxide.

The heart pumps out approximately 5 liters of blood per minute. This is equivalent of an adult drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee each day.

The heart is constantly pumping blood, 24 hours a week, 365 day a year. While you sleep, your heart beats almost 100 times per minute.

Color of your skin is a good indicator of whether someone is healthy. Looking closely at the skin's surface, you can see tiny blood vessels called capillaries. These vessels carry blood away to the heart via the large blood vessels. The skin turns purple or blue when there is a blockage in blood flow.

People with sickle cells lack red blood cell. Their blood becomes sticky and hardens, causing them to become very ill.

If you cut yourself, a bandage is applied to stop the bleeding. Blood must flow in order for the wound to heal properly. Doctors will insert a needle under the skin to access the vein near the injury. This allows the blood from the injured area to drain.

Doctors may also insert catheters (catheters), in an artery to treat a blood clot. This keeps patients alive until the clot has broken up naturally.


  • "It is estimated that 75% of people have at least mild gum disease, with the most common symptoms being bleeding when brushing, bad breath, and dark and swollen gums," Dr. Ron Baise, a London-based dentist, tells Romper. (romper.com)
  • In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you make 15 to 30 gallons of tears each year, which is insane when you think about it. (romper.com)
  • The average human adult male heart rate is between 70 and 72 beats per minute, while the average for adult women is between 78 and 82 beats, which is significantly faster, according to 2014 published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. (romper.com)
  • According to a 2018 study published in Free Radical Biology & Medicine, this is because blood pressure is regulated by our innate circadian rhythm and internal clock. (romper.com)
  • Your mouth makes a lot of saliva every day It might seem like way too much, but your salivary glands typically produce anywhere from 0.5 and 1.5 liters a day, according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Medicine and Life. (romper.com)

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What's the scariest movie ever made?

If you ask 10 different people which movies they consider scary, you'll probably get 10 different answers.

Some people love horror films. Others enjoy sci-fi flicks. Then there are those who prefer comedies.

No matter your taste, there are some scary movies that everyone has seen.

These are the ten best scary movies, from the original "Halloween" and the contemporary "Paranormal Activity."

  1. "Cabin fever" - "Cabin fever" is one of the most terrifying zombie movies ever made. It shows a virus that makes people turn into zombies.
  2. "Thir13en Ghosts," - Based on the true story Jack the Ripper's serial killer, "Thirteen Ghosts," features a group teenagers who are possessed by ghosts.
  3. "Pulse", the thriller that tells of a man caught in his apartment during a violent criminal spree, is called "Pulse". Only his personal belongings are allowed to help him defeat the attackers.
  4. "The Descent", a found footage horror movie, tells the story of a group that ventures underground to seek adventure. However, everything goes horribly wrong as soon as they get there.
  5. "Get Out"- Jordan Peele was famous for creating one the most terrifying horror movies ever created in 2017. "Get Out" depicts a young black photographer visiting his white girlfriend's family for the holidays. Dark secrets are revealed when he arrives at his destination.
  6. "Paranormal Activity", (2007). "Paranormal Activity", one of the very first found-footage movies. The movie featured a new take on ghost stories starring Katie Featherston.
  7. "Audition” - Japanese audition means to appear before an audience and be judged. Kiyoko is high school student and waits to learn if she will become a popstar.
  8. "Saw" Series - After years of making low budget horrors, James Wan grew tired of coming up with ways to shock audiences. Jigsaw was his idea.
  9. "Tales From the Crypt". "Tales From the Crypt," is becoming more and more disturbing with each passing year. Hollywood has released numerous sequels featuring the terrorizing crypt keepers in various US cities over time.
  10. "Carrie" (1976). "Carrie", introduced viewers to Telekinesis, an amazing supernatural ability. Carrie White can simply think about moving objects.

Celebrity Trivia- Find out More About Celebrities. Questions and Answers