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Top 3 Places to Visit in the Philippines

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The Philippines, an archipelagic Southeast Asian country located in the west Pacific Ocean, is an archipelagic island nation. There are 7,641 islands in the country. It is divided into three areas: Luzon and Visayas. Mindanao has the third. There are many other places you can visit, including Boracay, Taal Volcano and Mayon Volcano.


When in Manila, visit the Manila Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to learn about the history and architecture of the city. This church is made of stone and has a Baroque façade. Beautiful frescoes are found inside, as well as intricate mouldings. Even a crucifix dating back to the 1500s, and molave-wood choir stalls from 17th century are on display. A fascinating museum will also give you a glimpse into Manila’s rich history.

Taal Volcano

Visit the Taal Volcano if you love hiking and nature. This volcano is second in active volcanic activity in the Philippines, and it's located near Batangas. It's considered one of the world's deadliest volcanoes, and you can get a great view from its crater if you go hiking on it. Taal is also home the Tawilis, an endangered bird that lives only in the lake.

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano, also known as Mount Mayon, is an active stratovolcano that can be found in the province of Albay on Luzon Island. Bicol Region is also known for this spot.

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Which is the most secretive city in the world?

The answer to that question may shock you. It may even make it uncomfortable, as it challenges our perceptions of reality and our lives. However, there's a reason for this place to exist. It's not what we would expect.

The ancient Greeks called it the City of God. It was also known as the City of Destruction according to the Bible.

It is also called Kashi in India (Kashmir). It's also known as Novgorod in Russia.

It's called The Town That Has Disappeared here in America.

One tiny town in western New York State lost its 1,200 inhabitants without trace. With the exception of a road marker pointing to its former site, there were no remains: cars, bodies, houses.

This tiny community disappeared without leaving any clues as to where it went or when. Some say the earth swallowed it up. Others claim that a meteorite hit destroyed it. Some believe that it was taken by aliens.

The residents of this once prosperous community believe that whatever happened, their town is not gone forever. They had just moved to another town.

Even a website exists to help track down the disappearances of the lost city Zugspitz.

So, where exactly did this town go? Well, it's in Switzerland!

Zugspitze is located on the border between Germany and Austria. Just beyond the summit of the mountain is a huge lake called Lake Zugspitze.

It has always fascinated and astonished me to see how many towns have vanished but still exist. Why does some vanish while others remain? I decided that I would investigate.

I wanted more information about the mysterious disappearing of towns. What causes a community to disappear? How can one place become extinct?

There are several theories behind the disappearing of towns. One theory suggests that a community disappears when all of its buildings are removed. Another theory states that the town simply moves to another location. The third theory is that the town was never actually there.

There are many theories, but the truth is that thousands of towns around the world have been submerged by the earth. This video looks into the history of those places and investigates their current status.

Five interesting facts about your liver.

The liver is responsible for breaking down toxins and storing vitamins and minerals. It helps maintain a steady body temperature and regulates blood pressure.

What number of times have you heard someone say that they feel sluggish or heavy? These symptoms may indicate problems with the liver.

Common signs include yellowing skin, dark urine, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, stomach cramps (yellow coloration), itching, and jaundice (yellow colouration). But these aren't the only warning signs. You should immediately consult your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

The liver is an important organ. It is responsible for detoxification as well digestion, metabolism and immunity.

  1. The average adult liver weights about 1,400g.
  2. At birth, the liver of a baby can be half as big as an adult's. It can grow to four times the size of an infant's liver by the age 3.
  3. The liver can be found just below the rib cage, on the left side.
  4. There are 16 major lobes of the liver. But there are also many smaller ones.
  5. The liver contains about 10 million individual red blood cells.

What is the most intriguing fact about the human anatomy?

Two eyes, two ears and two nostrils are part of our bodies. We also have four limbs: a mouth, nose, penis, and four limbs. You're correct, there are more than 50 parts in our bodies. But, one thing is missing. The heart.

The heart is a pump which circulates blood throughout the body. The blood travels through the veins and arteries, transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells. It also removes carbon dioxide.

Each minute, the heart pumps 5 liters of blood. This is equivalent in daily coffee consumption to an adult who consumes approximately 2 to 3 cups.

The blood flows throughout the heart 24/7, 365 days a calendar. Your heart beats nearly 100 times a minute while sleeping.

Skin color can be used to determine if someone has a medical condition. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels visible on the skin's surface. These vessels carry blood back to the heart from the large blood vessels beneath the skin. When blood flow is blocked, the skin turns blue or purple.

People with sickle cell disease lack red blood cells. They become very sick when their blood becomes hardened and sticky.

A bandage can be used to stop bleeding if you have cut your own skin. For the wound to heal properly, blood must continue to flow. To do this, doctors insert a needle through the skin into the vein next to the injury. This allows blood drainage from the injury area.

Doctors also insert tubes (catheters) into the artery near the site where the blood clot forms. This keeps the patient alive until the clot breaks up naturally.

Is there a more mysterious place than the Earth itself?

Antarctica is the most mysterious continent on Earth.

Why is this place so amazing? Because it is unlike any other spot on Earth.

It is difficult to access because it is remote and extremely isolated. However, there's more to this location than meets the eye.

You will also find some of the oddest wildlife species in this natural wonder.

So let's explore how this remarkable destination became famous for its mystery.

Antarctica: The South Pole

Antarctica is not known by anyone. Some believe it means "land of ice." Others believe it comes out of Greek mythology.

Antarktis, the Greek name for the island on which Zeus' twin brothers were conceived, was used in ancient Greece. One of the twins was said to have been born in winter. Therefore, the name antarctic.

Others think the name came from the Greek words anti, meaning against, and tropos meaning turn. This would be land turned away form the sun.

Whatever the reason Antarctica has held a special fascination for people, it is undeniable.

It is also the lowest, windiest continent, driest, and highest. Because it is too frigid, there are no trees, animals, or plants.

This frozen wasteland is still alive.

Here, 90 percent live of all species of living things. There are about 50% of the world's animal, plant and plant species.

What makes Antarctica so special? Here, water freezes in ice rather that vaporizing into the atmosphere.

This creates large masses of ice that float above the ground.

These floating glaciers cover over 80%. And they're growing larger every year.

Since 1960, the Antarctic ice sheets has grown 60ft.

If the melting goes on, the sea level may rise by as much as 200 feet. This could lead to massive flooding across the globe.

This does not mean that everyone is wrong. Some scientists claim that global warming could be good for us. According to scientists, global warming could be good for us because the melting of the ice sheets will accelerate, which can lead to floods that release toxic chemicals into our soil and bodies.

Others, however, warn that this theory sounds almost like a plot for a science fiction film.


  • In fact, nearly 24% of U.S. women are affected with one or more pelvic floor disorders, according to research funded by the National Institutes of Health. (romper.com)
  • Your mouth makes a lot of saliva every day It might seem like way too much, but your salivary glands typically produce anywhere from 0.5 and 1.5 liters a day, according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Medicine and Life. (romper.com)
  • You spend about 10% of your time awake blinking (romper.com)
  • In one 2014 study published in the Archives of Medical Science that sought to study the prevalence of these mites, research showed that 41% of the people had them hanging out in their eyelashes. (romper.com)
  • According to a 2018 study published in Free Radical Biology & Medicine, this is because blood pressure is regulated by our innate circadian rhythm and internal clock. (romper.com)

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Hollywood Actors with PhDs: Actresses and Actors with PhDs

Many famous people had PhDs including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Oprah winfrey, Michael Jordan and Barack Obama. Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie are among the many famous scientists.

Some celebrities were Ph.D. holders, including actor Tom Hanks as well as singer Barbra Straisand and actress Meryl Steep.

These stars received their doctorates at universities all over the world. Many of these celebrities were successful business leaders or entrepreneurs after receiving their PhDs.

Other well-known actors/actresses with PhDs include:

  1. Actor David Schwimmer graduated from Columbia University Business School with a MBA. He also attended NYU's Tisch Academy of the Arts.
  2. Actress Jennifer Aniston graduated from Dartmouth College with her Bachelor of Science degree. She later received her Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management from Harvard University.
  3. Julia Roberts, actress, studied Biology and Public Administration at Yale University. She then earned her Masters of Public Administration from Georgetown University.
  4. Actor Edward Norton graduated Brown University in Brown with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He earned his Doctorate degree in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Stanford University.
  5. Maggie Gyllenhaal is an actor. She graduated from Barnard College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Columbia University granted her her Master of Social Work.
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker is an actor. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. Her master's degree is in clinical psychology from Columbia University.
  7. Sandra Bullock, actress, received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California Berkeley. Then she received her Masters of Education in Education from UCLA.
  8. Reese Witherspoon, an actress, earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science at Tulane University. After that, she earned her Master of International Affairs at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.
  9. Actress Michelle Williams graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She then obtained her Master of Arts degrees in Psychology from Boston University.
  10. Actress Shailenewoodley graduated Brigham Young University Hawaii in Hawaii with her Bachelors of Arts. Then she attended graduate school at San Francisco State University to earn her Master's degree in Environmental Studies.
  11. Will Smith is an actor who graduated from Howard University with his bachelor's degree as a Communications major. The Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University gave him his Master of Business Administration.
  12. Queen Latifah was an actress who graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. From there, she received her Master of Public Hospital from the University of North Carolina.
  13. Actress Amy Adams graduated from the Juilliard School with her Bachelor of Music degree. From Manhattan School of Music she received her Master of Music.
  14. Actress Halle Berry graduated from the American Conservatory Theater with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Carnegie Mellon University granted her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Acting.
  15. Brittany Murphy, an actress, graduated from Santa Monica High School in Theatre Arts with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From New York Film Academy, she obtained her Masters of Fine Arts Acting.

Top 3 Places to Visit in the Philippines