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Kennedy Autopsy Photos Found at National Archives

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The archives include several photos of President Kennedy's autopsy. These photographs are a fascinating record of a horrifying moment in American history. They offer an emotional entrance point to the assassination.

The photographs were taken by John Stringer, a former Navy photographer. He gave the film, which he had taken in the Navy, to Adm. George Burkley. James Humes, director of National Archives, then transferred it. The photographs included cross-sections showing Kennedy's brain. The photograph was taken during a second brain examination.

Two or three days following the official autopsy, the supplementary examination was performed. The photographs were shot on a different film type. Kennedy was photographed in Dallas, but the photos show less damage.

The National Archives released most of these records. However, they continued to withhold several other documents. They also withheld the CE 387 official autopsy report and an illustration of the autopsy illustration. The White House requested an archivist to create a plan for digitizing the records. The White House plans to make all of the collection online.

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Many other records relating to the assassination are still hidden from the public. Many of these records are kept in College Park, Maryland. Many of these materials have been digitized by National Archives. Nevertheless, some records were still scheduled for release in October 2017. However, President George H. W. Bush made it clear that all records regarding assassination should be released no later than October 2017. Donald Trump extended October 2017's deadline and ordered release of thousands more files. He also deleted several documents.

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What are the darkest secrets of Hollywood?

Hollywood is full of secret societies. Some secret societies are cultlike groups that have strict rules and rituals. Other clubs are for people who share common interests.

But there are also more nefarious organizations that control much of the industry. These include the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), the organization that sets film ratings and RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America), the company that sets music licensing fees.

Numerous unions/guilds also represent actors and directors as well as writers, producers, and so forth. Many of the major TV networks and movie studios are owned or controlled by large corporations.

It doesn't matter how secretive a group might seem, someone somewhere knows what they are doing. We shouldn't fear these people.

Instead, we should embrace them. Because they give us information that allows us to make better decisions.

They can tell us which movies and songs are likely to be successful, as well as what books and novels will be most popular.

These help us to decide what we'll watch, read, listen, and buy.

We can trust our advisors and ignore advice that isn't in accord with our tastes.

They are more powerful than ever because we chose to ignore them. They are the ultimate judges of taste.

You can ignore them if they don't agree with you.

So now let's look at some of the lesser-known but still very real Hollywood secret societies.

Observe why they are important.

Which is the most secretive city in the world?

It may surprise you to hear the answer. You might be uncomfortable with the truth of it, as it may challenge your perception of reality. However, there's a reason for this place to exist. It's not what we would expect.

It was called the City of God by ancient Greeks. It was also known as the City of Destruction according to the Bible.

It is called Kashi (Kashmir in India). It is also called Novgorod in Russia.

But here in America, it goes by another name - The Town That Disappeared.

One small community in western New York State with 1,200 residents vanished without a trace. A road sign pointing to the former location of the town was all that was left, except for a few bodies and cars.

This tiny community disappeared without leaving any clues as to where it went or when. Some believe the earth swallowed them up. Others claim a meteorite strike destroyed it. Some believe that it was taken by aliens.

The people of this once-thriving community, however, are positive that the town won't disappear forever. They had just moved to another town.

You can even track the disappearance of Zugspitz on a dedicated website.

Then, where is it? It's in Switzerland.

You can find Zugspitze at the border of Austria and Germany. Just beyond the summit of the mountain is a huge lake called Lake Zugspitze.

It has always fascinated and astonished me to see how many towns have vanished but still exist. What is the difference between some towns that disappear and others that survive? I decided to investigate.

I wanted more information about the mysterious disappearing of towns. What causes a town to disappear? What makes a place disappear?

It turns out that there are several theories about the phenomenon of vanishing towns. One theory suggests that a community disappears when all of its buildings are removed. Another theory states that the town simply moves to another location. Another theory suggests that the town has never existed.

Although theories may be a bit speculative, it is a fact that numerous towns have been destroyed by the elements. This video examines the past and present status of these areas.

What is the reason actors are blacklisted?

As an actor, rejection is much more common than for writers. As an actor, it's likely that you will be rejected a lot. It doesn't matter if you get rejected a lot because eventually you'll meet someone you love.

Actors are often very talented and can make a living anywhere. Actors aren't always interested in making a living. Actors love acting, and love telling stories. Actors are likely to be outspoken.

Sometimes, auditions are cancelled because you are either too young or too old for the job. Or you might audition for a movie and lose out to another person. That happens a lot.

However, once you have been cast, it is possible to face criticism. People may tell you that your makeup looks terrible and you shouldn't use it. If you're lucky, you won't even hear negative comments.

Sometimes, you might be criticised for playing a role that isn’t authentic or realistic. Perhaps you're a gay man who everyone believes is straight. Or maybe you play a woman who is supposed to be tough, but she cries a lot.

Maybe you are asked to change your vocal chords. Sometimes, they will ask you to sound more like a woman or a man. They want you to sound better most of the time.

The best way to deal with these criticisms is to ignore them. Actors can feel like they have failed when they are told they did something wrong. They haven't done any wrong.

They just weren't born with the talent that made them famous. Sometimes, no matter what they do, they just don't fit the bill.

An actor can be blacklisted for many reasons. Some people don't like actors. Some people think actors are lazy. Some actors may be cheaters.

Whatever your reason, it doesn't matter. You won't get blacklisted for trying. There are many roles available, and you will find them.

Keep trying and you will eventually succeed.

Is there any Hollywood blacklist for actors?

There is a Hollywood blacklist.

The list isn’t available for public viewing. As far as we are aware, the names are not even known. It matters because of this.

The secretive nature of the information is due to the fact that actors and directors on blacklist won't be in a position to find work. Thus, they would leave the industry and studios will lose money. This would mean that they would cut back on movie production. This would result in fewer opportunities available for blacklisted filmmakers. This could lead to them going bankrupt.

Which could ultimately result in more victims.

If someone attempts to make an Oscar-winning movie, they may be asked to sign a contract stating that they will not speak out against their employers. Any director or producer who would like to be nominated for an award is subject to the same rules.

It's no surprise that directors are often forced to take out scenes in their films by producers. Directors may threaten to quit projects that don’t align with their vision.

This is the reason there is a Hollywood blacklist. If you are negative about your employer, you'll most likely go unemployed. This is bad news for anyone.

There are many people who have been falsely accused. And they've had to fight to clear their name.

We must stop this from happening again. Everybody should be able to freely express themselves.

So we need to take down the Hollywood blacklist.


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Hollywood Actors With Dark Past

There are many stories that have been told about actors with dark backgrounds. But we will never know because we can not go back and ask them directly. There is a way to learn more about the lives of these actors without going too deep.

The Internet is an amazing tool for finding information about famous people. You will not only find fascinating facts, but you will also be able to learn about their lives.

Let's take, for example, the possibility that you are curious about Samuel L. Jackson’s childhood. If you type his name into Google, you'll probably come across a website called "SamuelLJacksonChildhood." The site includes photos of him growing up, articles about his life, and even his biography.

Although it might seem boring, this information could be useful in helping you to better understand Samuel L. Jackson. For instance, you might realize that he grew up in a rough neighborhood and became successful after overcoming adversity.

It is possible to feel inspired and motivated to overcome your problems. Or, you may discover that Samuel L. Jackson was working on a film based on Jackson's life. Either way, personal experiences can help you connect more deeply with Samuel L. Jackson.

There are plenty of websites like this online. You can use them to learn more information about the lives and times of famous people. You might be surprised by some of the facts you uncover!

Kennedy Autopsy Photos Found at National Archives